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High Reliability Fused Fiber Optic Components

The G&H line of HI REL fused fiber optic components are deployed in environments such as undersea and space where the costs of component replacement are prohibitive and reliability is of premier concern. G&H is established as a preferred supplier of these components to most major undersea telecommunications equipment manufacturers. Our HI REL capability is built upon the foundation of an extended history of also manufacturing very reliable components for land-based (or terrestrial) systems in volume.

Manufacturing of high reliability fused fiber optic components is carried out on specially developed workstations. Advanced fiber management, in-process screening, and customer specific validation tests are implemented to further enhance component reliability. The ultra-low loss of G&H fused fiber components helps to promote low noise figure and improved system margin in undersea transmission systems.

G&H high reliability fused fiber optic components available include fused fiber optic couplers, tap couplers, and Wavelength Division Multiplexers (WDMs). Components are supplied in regular (bare fiber), semi-ruggedized (0.9 mm sleeving) or custom housings, depending on the installation environment. The newest addition to the range is the Pump Combiner, which allows EDFA (Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers) designers to double pump powers. This enables higher power EDFAs and in turn greater data carrying capacity.

Reliability testing

G&H已建立完整的可靠性测试设施,以开展客户特定的HI REL资格计划,可包括加速老化和Weibull分析。UnderseA电信系统和组件的故障率通常使用适合速率(时间故障)来描述。我们的HI REL耦合器系列的熔融光纤耦合器提供了非常低的0.1稳定率,相当于25年来大约五万个组件的一次故障。

HI REL Space

In space applications, photonics is expected to displace current RF/microwave satellite technology for transport of data between satellites, and between satellites and the Earth. In addition to offering higher data carrying capacity than the present radio wave systems, the reduced size and weight of optical systems will enable smaller, lighter next generation satellites. The G&H HI REL Space range of high reliability fused fiber optic components builds on the quality and reliability for which our subsea couplers are known, adding features such as material lot unicity, qualification in high radiation environments and lot validation testing.

Services for HI REL customers include custom qualification programs, dedicated workstations, full traceability of materials and processing, advanced fiber management, and customer-specific validation tests.

Applications of HI REL fused fiber optic components

Subsea telecommunications, harsh environment, satellite laser communications, satellite on-board optical processing.

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