OCT系统创新 - 制造设计的组件规范

Ilminster, 1 December 2020


G&H has a history of bringing instruments to life. Present day we work with OEMs across the world, advancing the state of the art in fused components and paving the future of photonic component and system development. We do this through specification, clear manufacturing pathways and a collaborative approach, enabling us to add value to OEMs from the outset.

Through investment and acquisition, we have developed our OCT manufacturing provision to become a world leader in this arena. From an initial focus on biomedical procedures such as cardiology, skin cancer investigations to ophthalmology in the 1990s, OCT is now being seriously considered for applications such as materials analysis in markets ranging from oil and gas, to food processing and automotive paint testing.

Customers’ demand for high specification yet economical components and subsystems has seen increasing development and manufacture of OCT systems by OEMs, ranging from start-ups to established multinationals.


At G&H we understand our customers’ need for high performance, as well as flexibility in design. For decades we have developed integrated subsystems, such as the critical fused fiber coupler, which was initially for the long-distance optical communications industry and is now available for OCT too. We have invested in R&D and listened to our customers’ needs, developing key components such as the optical delay line, PDR (polarization diverse receiver) and collimator for OCT interferometers, as well as subsystems and fully bespoke OCT systems.





  • optical delay line
  • PDR (polarization diverse receiver)
  • 光纤耦合器。

(1) Optical delay line

The optical delay line is a key part of any OCT system, enabling the operator to adjust optical transmission to exactly match the reference and sample arms, such as in ophthalmology, when patients’ eyes can be different sizes.

Critical aspects of the delay line to be considered when choosing this component include:

  • 环境稳定性:它可靠地执行over the desired range of operating conditions and will it reduce image fading?
  • Low loss (return loss): does it prevent formation of image artefacts while maximizing image contrast and maintaining power efficiency?
  • 它足够快吗?公平期望为50 mm / s,以实现每次测量快速优化和调整。


(2) PDR (polarization diverse receiver)

G&H Polarization Diverse Receiver for OCTPDR干扰了两个进入的光束,并将它们分成其正交的线性偏振状态以进行高速,极化敏感的OCT测量。根据应用区域,每个PDR都指定为在不同波长下运行:

  • 1550 nm for industrial applications
  • 1310 nm用于心脏病学和皮肤癌症应用
  • 1060 nm for ophthalmic applications


根据最近的扫描激光源考虑OCT系统,这种设计支持更大的光学功率。无论应用如何,PDR都在每个波段的特征和优化。PDR设计是一个紧凑的模块,其光电二极管在一个包装中完全集成在一个包装中,使用小光电二极管在基座上。因此,所有光纤对准都已经为OEM完成 - 没有所需的进一步光学连接。

(3) Fused fiber couplers

G&H fiber couplerFused fiber couplers are widely used for branching optical signals and interfacing in telecommunications, sensor and biomedical systems, including deployment in environments requiring rigorous quality and reliability standards such as OCT systems.




  • well-controlled coupling ratio for consistent unit-to-unit performance
  • a wide bandwidth/flat response allowing higher image resolution and better image contrast
  • dispersion control to enable better image resolution and minimize image artefacts.



Environmental stability is always an important factor considering the real-world situations where the OCT system will be deployed, whether clinical or industrial. Resistance to changing thermal conditions is paramount to maintain consistent performance.


Besides individual specifications and component interoperability, the ability to integrate components into a compact OCT module – including PDR, delay line, coupler, polarization controllers and collimator, for example – is fundamental. Minimizing secondary assembly stages, especially making fiber optic splices, will maximize device performance.


A more in depth discussion of the factors to consider in OCT system DFMA can be viewed in the webinar recordingOCT Systems Start to Finish。可以访问上述组件的细节OCT Components and Subsytems page。关于G&H集团专家医疗设备制造公司ITL的能力的进一步信息,可以在其上找到site

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An overview of the complexities of OCT system design for manufacture.