G&H steps up to the Quantum Technologies Challenge

Ilminster, 10 November

G&H will be playing a key role in the UK Government supported Quantum Technologies Challenge. Earlier in 2020, the Government pledged £70M of funding to support the development of quantum technology and the practical applications for the emerging science. Within this wider initiative is a dedicated £10M quantum photonics project, QTAssemble, that brings together 14 partners from the UK, led by the Fraunhofer Centre for Applied Photonics.

特别是在QTassemble中,G&H将专注于设计和开发Quantum激光器发动机的重要构建块,建立数十年的经验和声学创新在声学亚搏开户网址,光纤和精密光学中的Photonics Innovation中的经过验证的赛道记录。G&H将在新一代的光纤耦合声光和波导器件上工作,展示通过光学和电子的混合集成的小型化,并将在新的声光单元架构上工作,使世界历史功能性能能够实现。G&H将利用其专业知识,将多个光子设备和电子设备集成到小型紧凑封装中。

该项目将研究原子粒子的使用,提高激光系统的可靠性,并降低组件的换档 - C(尺寸,重量,功率和成本),如果要在现实世界的情况下使用Quantum System是至关重要的。随着技术成熟,量子激光系统将被用作电信,工业和生物医学领域的“电源”。预计将大大提高计算能力,即反转金融和国防部门以及气象预测。

According to G&H Group CTO Stratos Kehayas “Quantum technologies will revolutionise telecommunications through quantum key distribution and will enable unprecedented sensitivity in next-generation quantum sensors, cross-fertilising diverse applications, from brain imaging to ultra-high precision global navigation satellite systems. Photonics, as an enabling technology silently working in the background, is expected to underpin the quantum revolution; the road to achieve this goes through more functionality, higher photonic integration levels and electronics/optics co-packaging. As an industry leader in photonics, over the next few years our R&D team will concentrate on developing a new quantum component family that not only ticks the boxes from a functional performance perspective, but can also be manufactured reliably, cost-effectively and in volumes and hence move from the lab into the field. Our G&H mission states that ‘we are changing the world with photonics’. That’s exactly what we aim to do in the future world of quantum and this project will help us put those first important stakes in the ground.”

G&H has a proven track record in innovating with 48 new products, 5 patents granted and £13.5 million revenue generated from new products during the last fiscal year. The Group has led and participated in previous R&D projects on quantum technologies. The REVEAL project (Quantum Gravity Sensor for Civil Engineering) focused on the development of a quantum gravity sensor based on a cold atom interferometry for underground surveying in civil engineering and the CASPA project (Cold Atom Space Payload) focused on developing a CubeSat compatible payload capable of producing cold atoms in space.

G&H is also a market leader in the supply of high performance acousto-optic deflectors and fiber-coupled acousto-optic modulators based on our award-winning Fiber-Q®technology in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared for magneto-optical trapping, power stabilisation, optical tweezers and frequency doubling in quantum sensing and computing.